Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Wife Chimes In

What horrible Blogger my husband is! It has been months since a posting.

So, I thought I'd update on occasion. I must warn that my time for posting to a blog or my time for anything else is scarce so I'm not about to imply that I'm a better blogger or a more frequent blogger. Just that I can post a few things on the rare occasion when the children are not demanding attention.

This morning I was making Braden's lunch for school.
"Braden, would you like an apple with your lunch?"
"No. It makes me sick."
"An apple makes you sick?"
"How about a kiwi?"
"No, that makes me sick, too."
He settled on applesauce. Apparently pure ripe fruit makes him sick but mashed, processed, & packaged apples are yummy.